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Networking Basics: Spanning Tree Part 2 – Rapid Convergence

In this video, we’re diving deeper into Spanning Tree and how to get your switched network to rapidly converge. If you haven’t seen part 1, you can watch it here: Networking Basics: Spanning Tree, Saving your network by blocking links

Networking Basics: Spanning Tree – Saving your network by blocking links

In this video, I dive into Spanning Tree, one of the basic elements of switched networking.

Understanding Network Architectures: 4 Common design layouts

Architecting networks. Diving into network topologies to understand the features, benefits, and applications of four common network designs.

Cisco UCS: What makes it great for the Data Center

Ten years ago, I first saw Cisco UCS and I instantly saw it as a great compute system for the data center. Since then, we’ve seen the rise of stateless computing which created a game changing transformation of the data Read more…

The Logical Structure of Cisco ACI Networks

The software defined networking infrastructure of Cisco ACI requires that we take a different approach to the logical hierarchy of the network.  ACI contains six logical elements that you need to understand when building out your data center network.  They Read more…

The Easy button for understanding ACI; VXLAN

Getting Started with Cisco ACI

Cisco ACI: A must have for your data center

5 Key Takeaways About the New Cisco Certification Program

Get Cisco DevNet Certified!

When Cisco announced their new Certification program at Cisco Live US 2019, three new certifications were introduced, Cisco Certified DevNet Associate, Cisco Certified DevNet Specialist, and Cisco Certified DevNet Professional.  These new certifications will launch on February, 24th, 2020. First, Read more…

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