Subnetting Practice Tool

Subnetting Practice Tool Instructions:

Click on “Start” to get a random IP address and subnet mask. The subnet mask may be displayed in either dotted decimal notation or in CIDR notation.

Fill in all the blank fields based on the information given from the IP and Subnet. When you are done, you can click on “Check my answers” to see if you are correct.

If you are having trouble finding the correct answer and need to see the correct answer you can click on “Show correct answers” to see the correct answers.

Repeat with a new IP and Subnet by clicking the “Start” button again.


Use of the subnetting practice tool is for educational purposes only. The IP addresses generated are done randomly and for the purpose of practicing subnetting IPv4 addresses. This page is not an authority on administering IP addresses and the IP addresses generated on this page are not to be used for any internet application. All IP addresses are regulated by the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA).

Be sure to watch by YouTube Video on IPv4 Subnetting

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