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ACI Part 4 | Mapping out your data center endpoints

ACI Part 4: Mapping out your Data Center Endpoints in ACI

In Part 4 of my Cisco ACI Series we discuss the endpoints that connect to the ACI network and the process for mapping out your data center endpoints. There are also lab examples of mapping out virtual, physical, and external Read more…

ACI Part 3 | Going beyond the Data Center | A look at extended ACI topologies.

In part 3 of my series on ACI, I dive into the extended ACI topologies that are used when you are taking an ACI infrastructure beyond the data center to remote or branch locations. In this video, I cover Remote Read more…

Cisco ACI Part 2 | Pushing policy to the data center

In part 2 of my Cisco ACI videos, we are pushing policy to the data center network through the ACI configuration. In this section, I cover the logical elements of ACI and how to configure them to set the policy Read more…

Cisco ACI Part 1 | What is Cisco ACI?

This is the first of a multi-part video covering the Cisco Data Center software defined networking solution, Cisco ACI. This is a look as to what Cisco ACI is and how it fits into data center networking infrastructure. As a Read more…

The Logical Structure of Cisco ACI Networks

The software defined networking infrastructure of Cisco ACI requires that we take a different approach to the logical hierarchy of the network.  ACI contains six logical elements that you need to understand when building out your data center network.  They Read more…

The Easy button for understanding ACI; VXLAN

Getting Started with Cisco ACI

Cisco ACI: A must have for your data center

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