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When Cisco announced their new Certification program at Cisco Live US 2019, three new certifications were introduced, Cisco Certified DevNet Associate, Cisco Certified DevNet Specialist, and Cisco Certified DevNet Professional.  These new certifications will launch on February, 24th, 2020.

First, just to level set, if you work with Cisco products and solutions, or are looking to start a career and get Cisco certified and you don’t know what DevNet is.  You should go check it out at  In short, DevNet provides you with the resources, tools, and labs to get started in writing programs that interface with and automate Cisco products via their APIs.

Cisco Certified DevNet Associate

This is the DevNet version of a CCNA.  It’s purpose validates core knowledge in Cisco platforms and working with applications, Cisco’s programmability strategy and APIs.  Getting a DevNet Associate (CCDNA? I’m guessing that this will be the acronym.) will require passing one exam.  The DevNet Associate exam is, Developing Applications and Automating Workflows using Cisco Core Platforms (DEVASC).  This exam will test your knowledge on Understanding and using APIs, Cisco platforms and development, Application development and security, and Infrastructure and automation.  The exam will not be available for testing until February 24th, 2020.

Recertifying a DevNet Associate will be the same as recertifying a CCNA which I described in the new CCNA, Specialist and CCNP programs post.

Cisco Certified DevNet Specialist

The DevNet Specialist certification is equivalent to the Cisco Certified Specialist certification but as its name suggests, it focuses on knowledge around developing, automating, and programming Cisco platforms and devices.  There are nine different focus areas for the DevNet Specialist certification.  As with the DevNet Associate exam, these exams will be available for testing on February 24th, 2020.

Specialist TrackExam
Enterprise Automation and ProgrammabilityENAUTO*
Data Center Automation and ProgrammabilityDCAUTO*
Security Automation and ProgrammabilitySAUTO*
Service Provider Automation and ProgrammabilitySPAUTO*
Collaboration Automation and ProgrammabilityCLAUTO*

*Exam is also a Cisco Certified Specialist Exam and an exam option for CCNP Certification.

The Devnet Specialist Certifications in Enterprise, Data Center, Security, Service Provider, and Collaboration are also exams options for the Cisco Certified Specialist in their respective tracks making it possible to get two specialist certifications by passing one exam.

The recertifying process for the Cisco Certified DevNet Specialist is the same as the Cisco Certified Specialist.

Cisco Certified DevNet Professional

The final DevNet certification available at the launch of the new program is the Cisco Certified DevNet Professional.  As the name says, it is a professional level certification like the CCNP.  Also, like the new CCNP program it is comprised of a core and concentration exam.  The core exam is the DEVCOR, which is the same as the DevNet Core Specialist Certification exam and any of the other DevNet Specialist exams will qualify towards the concentration exam.  Since five of the DevNet concentration exams are also CCNP technical concentration exams, it is possible to get a CCNP and a DevNet Professional certification by taking only three exams.  Let’s say you wanted to earn a CCNP Enterprise and a DevNet Professional.  To do so, you would take the ENCOR exam for the Enterprise CCNP Core exam, the ENAUTO exam for the technical concentration, and earn a CCNP, then take the DEVCOR exam and you would also have a DevNet Professional Certification.

Recertifying a DevNet Professional Certification requires the same process as recertifying a CCNP.

What about the Expert Level?

At launch, the DevNet certification program will not have an expert level cert, but during the new certification program announcement, Cisco did show a DevNet Expert certification with the tag, “Future Offering.”  There will be an expert level DevNet certification, but it won’t be available at launch.

Keep studying, Keep learning, Keep improving yourself.

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