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How to Configure Cisco UCS X-Series in Intersight Managed mode

I took a Cisco UCS X-Series system from scratch and configured it to being able to install an operating system. This video serves as a Cisco UCS Configuration guide for Intersight Managed Mode. I encourage you to save this video Read more…

Intro to Cisco UCS

Intro to Cisco UCS

Are all servers made the same? After all, they’re just Processors, Memory, & Storage, right? In this intro to Cisco UCS, I take a look at the Cisco’ UCS’s server platform, which I have worked with since it launched in Read more…

Cisco UCS: What makes it great for the Data Center

Ten years ago, I first saw Cisco UCS and I instantly saw it as a great compute system for the data center. Since then, we’ve seen the rise of stateless computing which created a game changing transformation of the data Read more…

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