Cisco ACI Part 2 | Pushing policy to the data center

In part 2 of my Cisco ACI videos, we are pushing policy to the data center network through the ACI configuration. In this section, I cover the logical elements of ACI and how to configure them to set the policy Read more…

How I Use Cisco Labs for Free

In this Video, I show you how I use Cisco labs for free and how you can access these same lab environments. Additionally, I also show you how these labs are powered and how you can set up your own Read more…

Coding and Cybersecurity Certifications – Get Cisco DevNet & CyberOps Certifiied

Looking to expand your Cisco certifications to include automation or cybersecurity? In this video, I walk through the process to get Cisco DevNet certified and how to get a Cisco certification in CyberOps. My video on the Cisco Certification Program Read more…

Get Cisco Certified in 2021 | Understanding Cisco’s current certification process.

This video covers the Cisco Certification Program and the certification levels. This provides a general overview of the CCNA, CCNP and CCIE programs. I also point out a “Sweet Spot” in the current Cisco certification programs that hiring managers are Read more…

How I earned my CCIE | 3 CCIE Tips I Learned

How I earned my CCIE

The CCIE is one of the most difficult IT Certifications to earn. In this video, I share my path on how I went from no Cisco Certs to having a CCIE. I also share 3 tips that I learned while Read more…

Networking Basics: Spanning Tree Part 2 – Rapid Convergence

In this video, we’re diving deeper into Spanning Tree and how to get your switched network to rapidly converge. If you haven’t seen part 1, you can watch it here: Networking Basics: Spanning Tree, Saving your network by blocking links

Networking Basics: Spanning Tree – Saving your network by blocking links

In this video, I dive into Spanning Tree, one of the basic elements of switched networking.

5 Key Takeaways About the New Cisco Certification Program

The New Cisco CCNA, Specialist & CCNP Programs

Cisco is changing their entire Certification program. Here’s the new CCNA through CCNP programs. Cisco hosted their annual technology conference, Cisco Live in San Diego on the week of June 9th and the early big announcement at the conference was Read more…

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