Intro to REST APIs – The foundation of Network Automation

If you’re interested in network automation and are looking to get started, watch this video to learn about REST APIs, the foundation for being able to automate your network and devices on the network. Once you understand REST APIs, you will be able utilize any programming language of your choosing to write scripts or programs to automate network configuration and processes.

Cisco DevNet is full of learning resources and sandbox labs that can enable your journey into network automation. Cisco DevNet:

Postman is a great tool for building and testing REST APIs. You can get it at this link. Postman:

You can also check out this video: How to Automate Cisco Nexus Switches

Additional Learning Resources (Affiliate Links):

Cisco Certified DevNet Associate DEVASC 200-901 Official Cert Guide

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Learn REST APIs: Your guide to how to find, learn, and connect to the REST APIs that powers the Internet of Things revolution.

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